Getting off my bahookie

One of the changes I want to make this year is to write more.

The odd thing is – I really like writing.  Once my bahookie is on that seat, I can tap away happily and not notice time passing.  I put pieces together for Facebook (frequently) and a blog (less frequently) for my website, and I can spend absorbing hours designing training materials when I have a deadline to meet. My client newsletter is a pleasure to write – once I get around to it.

The odd thing is – I coach people day in, day out, to follow their dreams and break up the unfeasible into manageable “chunks” (all the time disliking the word “chunks”, but so far unable to find a better one).

The odd thing is – I love doing it, I know how to do it – and I have spent a whole year not getting around to it.

Fortunately, I too have a coach and a very good one. She it was who took me to lunch and winkled out of me my real objections. Put simply these were:

  •  It has to be good
  • I need to make time
  • I don’t want to write in my day job workspace

She succeeded in helping me to replace my lack of enthusiasm with a determination to do something – anything. Here I am, then: I have transformed my office, very simply, using a scented candle in a teacup, a desk lamp and a print of two people jiving against a vibrant background.  Dance music is playing through my headphones as I’m typing.

Sounds mad? The associations are clear in my mind, at least: four years ago, I couldn’t dance. And now I can. I knew I would love it but I put off learning for years (no time/am not fit/might not be good enough – sounds familiar?).JiversAndt it’s good to remind myself that when I started learning to dance, I almost gave up. I dislike not being good at things and anger threatens to take over when I don’t succeed straight away. I still stamp my feet like a petulant child on the dance floor when I’m struggling to learn a new step. My dance partners find this very funny.

So, I need to laugh at myself too, accept my failures, and just get my bahookie off the dance floor and back on this seat – bringing all that learning with me.


This wonderful, vibrant pastel drawing, by the way, is by Jo Sunshine Art from Maryhill, Glasgow.

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