Watch your language in the New Year

As a coach, I have an annoying habit. When the person I’m working with says she will try to change or do something, I say: “Don’t try.” Just that. Don’t try.

After a second’s pause, most clients get it. Brief irritation sometimes shows on their face. Then they usually say: “I will do/change whatever-it-was”.

I love the New Year. This year I was lucky enough to be spending a few days with relatives, mostly relaxing in their lovely Suffolk 16th century cottage. My brother-in-law, though, found time to mentor me over coffee on the changes I want to make in my life.

Here’s what we considered:
1. My key goals: financial, work, home and leisure
2. The changes I will make to my present way of doing things
3. The learning I will do on the way, formal and informal
4. The practical planning for getting on with it.

Vision boardFor me, a vision board works wonders. I pin up pictures and cartoons that illustrate what I’m going for and that make me smile.

Try it. Start every by day by looking at your vision and reminding yourself what it is you really really want. Then…stop trying and just do it.

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