Seeing the light of day

Have lived in the west of Scotland for more than half my life, I’ve developed an opportunistic approach to weather. We’ve had to thole a disappointing summer, so far at least, so that when the sun shone out of a cloudless sky yesterday, two planned meetings were held outdoors in beautiful settings.

Firstly, a catch up and some new ideas explored with my own coach and mentor on a very pleasant round walk beside the seaside at Troon Troon(with coffee and scones as a starting point, I need not add). It’s liberating to stroll and talk – ideas emerge in the sunshine that may not even see the light of day in a dull meeting room. The beach filled up as we passed, and the sight of beach picnics, cyclists on the front and ice creams just starting to melt made us forget we were working at all.

This was (indulgently) followed up by more excellent coffee and ideas shared with a former colleague from the Scottish Qualifications Authority, in the beautiful gardens of Lochgreen House Hotel. The business could have been done by email, I suppose, but he is an old friend too, so the talk just may have strayed to family matters and warm friendship.We both left the gardens refreshed in body and mind.

ILochgreens that so very bad on a sunny day?

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