The Coaching Wheel

Sometimes known as the Wheel of Life, this is a tool that can be adapted to many aspects of life. Coaches use it very often as a starting point for conversations around priorities and values. It’s easy to allow the minutiae of everyday life/work to mask the things that we hold to be really important; all too easy to forget why we’re doing what we doDEVA Wheel web.

Using the Wheel is always a personal thing: the idea is to assign to each section an aspect of your own life, whether it’s working well or not. My headings are only suggestions, but they are those typically chosen by many coachees.

The next step is to assign a value to each aspect, where 0 is lowest and 10 the highest. Again, this is subjective. It’s about how that aspect of your life is satisfying you at the present time. Be honest, and question what lies behind your response in each case. You will find that reflecting honestly on all aspects helps identify where changes need to be made.

The Wheel is a great tool; you can develop your own Management Wheel, with aspects such as Sales, Delegation, Communication, etc. and use that to develop insights into how to prioritise and develop your team or department.

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