Confidence, Coaching and Wigwams

What have these in common, you may ask? A lot, we hope, as we embark on a new venture which brings people and positive thinking together.

I love examples of the workings of serendipity, so when I got a call from Kath Lord-Green of Insight Coaching, I shouldn’t have been too surprised. I had been connected with Kath via¬† a personal recommendation and then through social media but we had never met. I’d decided to ask Kath if I could be interviewed on the radio show she was then hosting, and talk about the use of coaching to help people, especially women, develop the confidence to move on.

Before I could phone her, Kath called me. She had been contacted by Wigwam Holidays (also a virtual connection) about the possibility of piloting a short confidence building course at one of their sites: did I want to partner her in the venture?

dscf0733Did I! Scottish countryside, fresh air, fresh thinking and a little glamping thrown in. It sounded amazing – and it still does! Kath and I are raring to go, having put together a great set of eight sessions, designed to promote and develop confidence in six participants. At the same time, Lesley at Hilly Cow Farm provides a real country welcome, excellent food, and the space to …just be who you are!

To book a place (and you’ll need to be quick) call Kath Lord-Green on 07921 072792 or email her at For more details about the course itself visit