To each, her own

When I was at school,  I was the class duffer … not at English, or even other languages. Nor was I too bad at Maths, as long as it was explained to me several times, slowly and with many examples. But I was a complete duffer at Hockey bootBootanything sporty. I consistently refused like a skittish pony at the high jump, ran away instead of tackling an opposing hockey forward and as for tennis – my toes still curl at the memory of how few balls I ever sent over the net.

The experience of always being the last one picked for any team has kept me away from almost any kind of sport ever since. I dislike everything about gyms, and sports pitches. On the other hand, I love to have a swimming pool all to myself and revel in a pre-breakfast swim, preferably in a hot country and with the prospect of lost of sunshine ahead of me.  Since I’m not yet wealthy enough to build my own pool in a hidden resort on the Med, I’ve had to use a little imagination in order to get fit.

It’s dancing, as anyone who knows me can tell you, that’s my answer to all this negativity! I’m by no means brilliant at it, but I do have a brilliant time learning to be better. I’ve learned ballroom, latin and tap in my time. My latest passion is rock n’ roll, which has brought new friends and challenges into my life; learning and practising something new and creative is the best kind of challenge. You have to go back to that place where you’re less than competent, and that can be very hard and very humbling. Suddenly you remember what it was like learning to drive, and eventually you experiencedance shoe the satisfaction of finally getting it right. In my view, everyone needs a place to go that isn’t work – the dance floor is mine. And no, I don’t watch Strictly – I’m strictly a doer not a watcher. Finally, I understand why it is that other people relish getting hot, sweaty and out of breath in pursuit of that perfect set of moves…