Unassembled Snowmen

I had to share this picture; it came though on my personal Facebook page on a day when Scotland is bracing itself for heavy snow and disruption, in some parts, to schools, businesses and services.

My job can be done remotely – nobody really suffers if I don’t turn up, but for many there is far more at stake. I’m full of admiration – and gratitude – for the people who keep everything moving and those who struggle through snowdrifts to make sure children are safe and elderly people are cared for.

But, tempted as I am to complain that “I thought this was supposed to be Spring”, or to worry that I’m not going to get to that crucial appointment, I’d rather smile at the joker who took an altogether different view and expressed it so beautifully…Unassembled snowmenWith thanks to Kath Lord-Green of Insights Training for sharing this!



Love free stuff!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of information coming at us every minute of the day? There is so much free learning and the more portable the devices we have, the more there is, it seems, to find out. But how to filter it? How to focus?

Treat it as you would any learning exercise. Identify what you need to learnOverwhelmed and why. Be specific – what is going to help you directly with what you are doing or need to do? Then set aside time- but not too much; social media can eat away hours of your life!  I take a learning break and time it to 10 minutes. I try hard to focus my search and practise screening out anything that doesn’t directly add to that useful knowledge or learning that I wanted. Then, another minute or so to decide how I will use it – what will it add?

By the way, if you are taking time out to read this post, thank you – and I hope you find it useful!